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Validate and optimise your dream home design with the CADwalk Design Experience to save time and money.

CADwalk targets the stage in the design process where there is idea creation and continued, dynamic change. CADwalk enables a clear validation of a design, ensuring that the space will meet your individual requirements and avoid costly changes and delays during the building phase.

If you are in the process of designing your new home, living space, garden or renovation project, CADwalk is here to ensure what gets built is exactly what you'd dreamed of. CADwalk can model your home layout in a life size projection; meaning complete homes, rooms and gardens can all be simulated in original size, walked through, instantly edited and felt in cm for cm accuracy.

CADwalk's key ability is to bring ideas into a reality. Virtual objects projected in CADwalk, such as walls, storage units, trees or even swimming pools, can be moved easily by yourself, the user, to test alternate designs as soon as the idea comes to mind. If you can think it, we can CADwalk it. Being able to test a wider number of alternatives increases the likelihood of finding the best design for the space. These design developments can then be recorded, shared and compared with alternate options.

Bring your existing plans for a new home or a renovation or even a garden project to us. They may be sketches, builders plan on paper or in a digital format. Whatever the input, our team of experts can get your design ready for a CADwalk Workshop. After workshopping your project with our experienced Architect, to come up with your dream layout and design, you have the option of receiving your finalised plan as CAD drawings, 3D interactive models, precise renderings, whatever you need to finish the job.

CADwalk VR is also now available to allow you to further validate the final look of your dream home, once you completed the spatial design session with CADwalk.

Many of us are challenged by limited spatial awareness, especially in the scenario of picturing how an architect's detailed drawing of your dream home might feel to actually live and move around in.

Will there be enough room once all the perfect furniture is in there? How much room is there really around the kitchen surfaces, is there wasted space or not enough of it? These are all questions which until now you would only find out once your home was built and it was too late, which can be both disappointing and costly to change.

Now CADwalk allows you to validate, optimise and walk through your dream home before you spend any money building or renovating it.

CADwalk is a unique design experience for collaborative house design and space optimisation that features life size scaling and real-time interactivity. CADwalk overcomes a number of common design issues by facilitating a creative environment for your family, to rapidly test and optimise designs, while effectively engaging all key stakeholders in a time and cost-efficient manner. Imagine bringing the whole family along to design your dream home; now that would be an unforgettable experience!

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CADwalk: Interactive Command & Control Room Design

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